Alien Spinvasion

UFO and slot game enthusiasts should get ready, because an alien spinvasion is now evident. That spinvasion takes place on Rival Gaming powered casino sites, and it is a hostile one. So players should prepare themselves to fight off some aliens in order to safe their home planet and win cosmic sized profits. These profits are certainly worth it to go to war for, but it should be mentioned that the extra-terrestrial invaders will put up a good fight as well so players have to give all that they have if they want to save the planet and earn victorious profits.

But there is no reasons to worry, because with its 5 slot reels, 50 playable win-lines and an arsenal of exclusive bonus features, like drop icons, free spins and wilds, players will have enough tricks up their sleeves to send those pesky aliens back into space, and skyrocketing cash prizes into their pockets. But the hard work still has to be done, so it is time for brave slot enthusiasts to man their posts behind the reel button battle stations.

Spindependence Day

Those who ever asked themselves if there could be alien life in the endless depths of space, can finally stop pondering about the answer. There is now a conformation that humans are not the only living organisms in the cosmos, and that conformation is delivered by Alien Spinvasion Slots. The evidence of otherworldly life is spread all over the five slot reels of this game. Alright, that might not be hard scientific evidence but is certainly slot game evidence, and the invasion really takes place on the game screen. Such an invasion brings along plenty of action, suspense and intrigues. Players encounter a slot screen that reveals asteroids, UFOs, rockets, laser guns and sticky alien eggs, so there is enough going on for them to get all excited if they are profit hunting sci-fi fans.

Despite the game's funny appearance, it does succeed in bringing a layer of suspense to the slot screen with its tension building music and its fragile depiction of planet Earth on the background of the screen. It is in the planet's stratosphere where all the spinning action takes place. While spinning, players will look down at their beloved mother Earth and be constantly reminded that it is their only home in the universe. So it is vital that they thwart the evil aliens with some profit making spins. But besides the tension, there will be a lot fun as well thanks to the innovative 3D graphics. The aliens look rather silly instead of really scary because of their one-eyed green bodies, and the game screen also shows a colorful display of spacey elements.

Down to Earth Payouts Ask for out of This World Wagers

So the game's design looks friendlier then its ominous theme suggests. The colorful and funny display fits more into a space fantasy movie for children than in a deep space horror film for adults. Unfortunately, the slot is also slightly tame in terms of pay table prizes. The top paying planet Earth symbol provides a jackpot win that can be a bit on the low side for some high rolling players. These winnings might bring them down to earth, but luckily, players are still able to upgrade their profit margins with the help of some powerful cash wagers.

The game has a total of 50 win-lines that players can use, and they can also play with total of 10, 0.25 value coins during every spin. So with a maximum bet of 125.00 coins on the table, players will still have great money making opportunities when they spin the reels. But 125.00 coins is of course only a suitable bet for high rollers with big bankrolls. Those who play the reels on a budget, can also opt to activate 50 win-lines and play with just a small 0.50 credits bet.

The game's pay table prizes are not the highest ones in the slot machine universe, but the slot certainly scores high with the entertaining spinning action that it provides. In order to help players who want to increase their bankroll, the game's developers have put in place some extra elements that will certainly increase the fun and in many cases also the profits. These elements are the sticky wild alien attribute, the army general free spins logo and the rocket drop icon.

Special Bonus Features That Invade the Slot Reels

Sticky wild aliens will invade reel symbol combinations. Once in there, they will target other symbols and take over their position. This might sound a bit creepy, but it is actually a beneficial situation, because more wins can be formed that way. The sticky wild icon can only be spun when gamblers play with regular spins.

Besides the alien wild, there is also the free spins army general. This man will reward a total of 11 free spins when he shows up on the game screen. When those free spins are active, the drop icon will also come into play. Every symbol transforms into a drop icon when gamers play in the free spins round. Players will use drop icon wins to activate the special symbol replacing drop feature.

A Satisfying Combo of Profitable Bonuses and Joyful Design Elements

Alien Spinvasion Slots users will not encounter regular pay table payouts that are able to blast out of the atmosphere like rockets, but they will find cash winning satisfaction in the unique bonuses that are also provided. Sticky wilds, free spins and drop icons all do their part to fuel the profit rocket so that it can shoot out of Earth's orbit. Further satisfaction is offered by the slot's colorful and funny looking design that will put a smile on the face of every sci-fi and alien fan. So the excellent bonus perks and joyful design elements form a fine game play combination that many slot fans will most certainly appreciate.