Big Cash Win

There is perhaps no better name for a slot game than Big Cash Win Slots. And it is a good thing that you don't need to do much to win big cash prizes when you play this simple game. In this 3 reel slot creation from Rival Gaming, you just need to make sure that the right symbols end up on the single slot reel row. The easy game play features of this online slot machine make it a great title for if you are new to this form of casino entertainment. However, you will also appreciate it if you grew up playing classic three reel slots in old-school casinos.

In order to learn more about this game, you just have to look at the game screen, because all the information and the game play features are displayed on it. You will make your wins with the help of the three slot reels that are positioned on the right side of the screen, while the pay-table on the other side of the screen shows you all the possible winning combinations and their payouts. Simplicity is the key when you play this game, because it boasts no extra features like for example bonus rounds, scatter icons or wilds.

Play Your Bets and Wind Big

Before you start to spin the reels of this slot title, there are only a few game play elements that need to be determined. First of all, you need to form the construction of your bets. The available prizes that these bets can trigger are displayed on the pay-table, which is displayed on the game screen. Your bet value will play the biggest factor in how big the upcoming cash prizes are going to be. You can choose between the values of $0.01, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $2.00, $5.00, $10.00 and $25.00. This is a range of values that will most likely suit you very well if you're a budget player, but also if you're a high roller. You can increase the power of the bets even more when you select the maximum number of coins to play with. Between one and two coins can be active during every spin.

Big bets can also be made with the help of the 'bet max' button. Additionally, you can click on 'auto' if you want to place the spins and your wins on autopilot. $50.00 is the biggest bet that you can place on a single spin, and that bet can of course result in the biggest cash reward that this game has to offer. So make sure that you find the perfect balance between the betting power of your bankroll and your desire to win the best prizes.

Fuel Your Bankroll With Small Wins

A game with a name like Big Cash Win Slots of course needs to hand out a couple of top prizes. However, it is good to note that it also hands out a couple of smaller ones that can be won with just one or two symbol hits. These smaller rewards will pay out often, and they will continue to fuel up your bankroll so that it stays powerful enough to lead you towards bigger wins on the long term. Smaller wins can be won with a onetime cherry hit that delivers a reward of either one or two credits. Small prizes can also be won with a single big cash win logo hit. Spin this icon on the reels and receive two or four credits. Additionally, you can also make two cherry hits on the reels in order to receive five or ten credits. Also make sure that you place 2 big cash win icons on the slot reels if you want to lay claim to 15 or 30 credits.

Longer Combinations Trigger Bigger Rewards

The bigger cash prizes can be won if you spin three (matching) icons on the slot reels. In total, there are seven winning opportunities that can be triggered with combinations of three icons. The lowest pay-table win is offered when you place three mixed bar icons on the reels. You will then receive three or six credits. However, it is better if those bar icons are not lined-up in a mixed format. If the combination consist of similar bars, then you receive higher rewards. With 3 single bars, you trigger a prize of 20 to 40 credits, while 3 double bars are good for 30 to 60 credits. 3 triple bars give the best result because they are matched to a prize of 40 to 80 credits.

Those rewards already start to sound alluring, but things become even better when you place three cherries on the reels. No less than 150 to 300 credits will then be awarded to you. Money winning happiness is also provided by the 3 golden 7s hit, which will trigger a lucky 200 or 400 credit reward. However, all of these rewards are topped by the three times big cash win icon hit. As with all the other wins on the pay-table, you can lay claim to two win amounts with such a hit. If you happen to play with just 1 coin, then you will receive 750 credits, but if you are lucky enough to play with 2 coins, then you will reel in the game's biggest reward of 2000 credits.

Become a Big Winner With Big Cash Win Slots

Big cash wins are what it's all about when you play online slot machines, and Big cash win Slots is going to give them to you. That is, if you have a little luck and show a little bit of spinning skills on the slot reels. But with a simple and straightforward game like this fun creation from Rival Gaming, it should not be a big problem to get the hang of it. So start your classic slot game adventure today and become a big winner in the realm of online slot games.