Blazin' Buffalo

Who would have thought that strolling around on the great USA plains could turn out be so profitable. Slot developer Rival Gaming makes that possible with Blazin' Buffalo Slots. In this exciting online slot machine game you get to win cash rewards when you discover all kinds of wild animals on the reels. These iconic animals are the, buffalo, the grizzly bear, the horned ram, the coyote, the rattlesnake and of course the great American eagle. And while you are spotting these animals in order to win profits, you can also participate in amazing bonus features like for example the buffalo stampede free spins round, the blazin free spins feature and the find the buffalo bonus round.

Go out Into the Wild to Claim Your Wins

With a barrage of game play settings, line bet symbol combinations and coin values at your availability, this is a casino entertainment option that you will be able to enjoy with any kind of bankroll. Bets can kick off at only $0.01, so the threshold to get started is low and attractive. Wait no longer and start to roam around on those plains, because you will find more than just amazing animals in the great outdoors.

The Setting of Your Wild Spinning Adventure

Open this game and you will be immediately transported to a tree filled canyon that baits in lush green colors while the blue and purple colored sky hangs above it. It is getting dark in the canyon, but two lanterns will make sure that you can see all the action on the game screen. These lanterns are adjusted with plus and minus arrows so that you can adjust the number of active pay-lines.

Win Buffalo Sized Cash Prizes

There are many paths in this game that lead to buffalo sized prizes. The winning stampede rumbles onto your screen as soon as you land three to five similar letters or numbers on the slot reels. On the bottom of the pay-table you will see the 9, and this number has a top reward of 50 credits. That same award is being given when you spin the number 10 a total of 5 times on the reels. The payout reward goes up when you hit the J 5 times on the screen. 80 credits will then be granted, and that same amount rolls into your bank account when you spin the letter Q 5 times. Then comes the K with a top reward of 100 credits, followed by the A with a maximum reward of 150 credits.

These wins are great, but there is more to gain in this game, and that more is being handed to you by a variety of animals that roam around on the canyon. Keep your eyes open and you might spot 5 rattlesnakes on the reels. You get 300 credits when they show up in such a large number. Also keep an eye to the sky because that is the domain of the mighty eagle. You receive 500 credits if he lands five times on the slot reels with his big talons. Furthermore, this canyon is also the domain of a horned ram, and he can give you a top prize of 750 credits.

In order to win even bigger cash prizes, you have to show some courage since they are attached to bigger and more dangerous animals. The thrill level rises with the appearance of five grizzly bears, because these strong and fierce hunters reward you for your courage with a top prize of 1000 coins. Lastly, on top of the pay-table chain, you will find the coyote with is attractive high reward of 2500 credits.

Besides all these amazing canyon animals, you will also be able to see the powerful stampeding buffalo, and he brings along plenty of free spins during his run on the plains. 3 stampeding buffalo icons trigger free of charge games, while 4 of them activate 15 complimentary spins. But the maximum number of free spins is triggered when you spin 5 stampeding buffalo attributes. That maximum number tiggers a great reward of 50 free spins.

However, the free spins galore doesn't stop there, because you can win even more complimentary games when the regular free spins round is active. A minimum of three blazin buffalo icons will activate an extra round of free spins in which reel number one will be on fire. This reel will then act as an expanded wild for as long as the free spins round is active. Additionally, lucrative multiplier rewards are also given away during the blazin buffalo round.

While playing, you will also occasionally see the wild moon appear on the screen. This special icon has the ability to replace other slot reel icons. This is helpful because you can make your symbol combinations complete and successful that way. And it won't be just a regular win either, because the wild icon brings along a generous two times multiplier. And when we are talking about being generous, then the cash bag symbol should also be mentioned as it gives away a great jackpot reward of 3000 credits. Lastly, you can also spin a 3 ace attribute. This special symbol triggers the bonus game in which you need to find the buffalo in a set of three cards.

Go Wild With Blazin' Buffalo

Go wild with Blazin' Buffalo Slots and set those reels on fire, because the bigger the stampede the bigger the cash rewards will be in this animal and nature themed slot machine creation from top developer Rival Gaming. With its abundant set of special features and its alluring rewards, this is certainly a game to look out for at your online casino. And you can test it without having to spend money as well, because it is also available as a free game. Have some fun practice runs with this free version or go for those blazin profits in the real cash version.