A trip to the city of romance was never so lucrative and convenient as today, because you can now visit it in an instant when you play Champs-Élysées Slots from Rival Gaming. And the best part is that while you visit the famous Champs-Élysées avenue in virtual Paris, you will be rewarded with cash prizes as well.

Typical French Symbols in the Game

The symbols of this slot title showcase the kind of items that you would expect in a game with a French theme. Be ready because you are going to shop for some fashionable and delicious items in this game, and you don't even have to pay for them. In fact, you even get payed to collect them. So if you've ever dreamed of shopping in the famous boutiques of Paris, then this is your chance to do it for profits.

Collect 5 identical items on the reels and you will win the top prizes. The highest regular payout is awarded by the pair of fashionable shoes. Collect these shoes and don't forget to bring some matching pants with big pockets as well, because a lot of money will end up in them when 5 pairs of shoes trigger the 1600 credit payout.

The equally fashionable and indispensable handbag is the second highest paying symbol on the pay table. 5 times the bag is 1000 times the credits. A day of shopping on the reels can of course not go by without a stop for some delicious French chocolates. These sweets are good for a top reward of 640 credits. And when in French, you can of course also not miss out on the wine and the cheese symbol. This icon boasts a top prize of 400 credits.

Then there is also the display of a croissant and a cup of coffee. Spin these typical French delights on the screen five times and you're dessert will be a top prize of 320 credits. The last taste on the pay table is a crepe, which also looks very delicious. It is a crepe with chocolate and it rewards an equally delicious top prize of 240 credits.

The remaining symbols are the usual high card game icons, starting from 9 and going up till A. These card symbols cannot be missed, because they have a bright, pink neon color. Lastly, you can also spin the special expanding Eiffel wild, which is a display of the Eiffel Tower on a postcard.

A Place of Love, Romance and Money

Perhaps there was never a slot game as romantic as Champs-Élysées Slots. The Champs-Élysées is a place of love and romance, but it has now also become a place of money. All the more reasons to travel to this famous destination in France. First virtually, and perhaps later also in real life when you become the winner of a big amount of cash. Start your trip with a visit to your favorite Rival Gaming powered casino, because it is there that you will find your ticket to Champs-Élysées Slots.