Chicken Little

You are warned when you play Rival Gaming's Chicken Little Slots, because very important events are about to happen once this simple and cute one win-line and three reel online slot machine becomes active. The sky performs two important functions in the game. On the one hand, it has come to Chicken Little's attention that it will soon fall down on everyone, and that is of course a reason to be concerned if you believe the paranoid bird.

But on the other hand, the sky is also the limit when you look at it from a money making perspective, and that is of course a good reason to be very happy. At the end, it will all come down to making important choices. Will you believe the warnings that Chicken Little is giving, and do you stay away from his slot reel world to avoid having the sky falling down on you, or do you avoid his warnings and reach out for the sky yourself.

Both you and Chicken Little will be very active in this game. The nervous little bird has enough on his hands with warning everyone, and he gets help with that from his loyal friends Henny Penny and Ducky Lucky. At the same time, you will be busy with forming successful slot symbol combinations and cashing in winnings.

You and Chicken Little's important efforts will cross each other on three slot reels. Will it be the sky that is about to drop down on you or will it be the coins that will soon land on your casino bank account? Play Chicken Little Slots and you will soon receive an answer to that very important question.

There Is No Reason to Chicken out on This Slot Machine Game

This slot machine can be played on many online casino platforms that provide the gambling entertainment collection from Rival Gaming. On these platforms, you can often choose between two versions of the game. One of these versions is for free and can be used for practice or fun sessions, while the other one provides the thrilling opportunity to bet with real money credits.

But no matter which option you choose, there is no reason to chicken out on this game. The prospect of a falling sky might be gloomy, but it is nothing compared to the prospect of lucrative cash prizes drops. So be brave and spin those reels to perfection in order to claim the biggest Chicken Little Slots cash rewards. And don't forget to enjoy your spinning sessions as well, because you never know what the world might look like tomorrow.