A Day at the Derby

A Day at the Derby Slots

For many bet enthusiasts and horserace fans, the Derby is their most favorite event of the year. However, they always have to wait until the next one is organized. But the waiting time is now over thanks to A Day at the Derby Slots from slot title developer Rival Gaming. This game will take fans to the Derby whenever they want to. Day or night, from Monday till Sunday, the race for the finish line is always taking place, and so does the race for the money. Themed symbols will help to make the race event a pleasant experience, and they will also make sure that the game money ends up in the pockets of its players.

Some of these helpful items are binoculars, betting slips, and refreshing drinks. Wild attributes, free spins, jackpot rewards and a special bonus round will provide additional forms of profit making delight alongside the regular race for great cash prizes. So there is enough evidence to safely say that a perfect day at the Derby always starts on Rival Gaming powered casinos.

Racetrack Symbol Markers That Lead to Big Profits

People flock to the racetracks because they love to feel the thrill of picking a possible winner for the upcoming race. However, when A Day at the Derby Slots opens the doors to its racetracks, participants can also win cash rewards when they collect the necessary horserace-betting items. Players can start their symbol profit win race with a blast when they place 5 binoculars on the slot reels. A 50 coin reward will then be credited to their casino bank account. The betting slip itself is also worth a couple of coins. Players earn 89 coins if it is spun on the reels 5 times. Then there are the horseshoes, which pay a reward that is a little bit higher than the previously mentioned prizes. 100 coins give players enough reasons to believe that horseshoes really are lucky symbols. But perhaps, they will also think that the glass with the refreshing drink is the real lucky item in this game, because it will give not 100 but 150 coins as a top reward.

However the prize winning fun certainly does not stop there when the man with the hat comes along. He is good for a 300 coin prize, and his female companion on the reels has an even higher prize to give away. A 500 coin reward will be credited to the player's account if she appears five times on the reels. Furthermore, a bouquet of flowers will be delivered to the player who lays claim to the second prize on the pay table, which is a very rewarding 1000 coin win. And lastly, the golden cup is of course the symbol for players who dominate the race for profits. This prestigious item can only be obtained by the best and most lucky slot player on the reels. Such a player deserves to go home with the top symbol payout prize of 1.500 coins.

Special Symbols on the Slot Reel Tracks

During the race for profits, there are some symbols on the track that provide an extra prize winning boost. These extra perk delivering symbols are the grey horse, the brown horse, the jockey with the green cap and the jockey with the blue cap. The jockey in green leads players to the game's jackpot prize as it is connected to a 2.500 coin reward. Players need to spin the jockey five times on the screen if they want to claim this juicy jackpot win. The jockey in blue delivers free spins and extra win multipliers to the game screen. The number of granted free spins depends on how many times a player manages to land a blue jockey on the reels during a spin. 5 extra spins are rewarded in return for three hits on the reels, 4 hits trigger 10 complimentary spins, and the biggest reward of 20 free spins is rewarded in return of 5 symbol hits. Furthermore, free spins are not only free but they are also matched to a triple payout perk.

So the jockeys are important symbols, but so are the two horses. The brown one is a wild horse that creates extra winning opportunities because it replaces other reel attributes in combinations. The more wild horses in a combination the better, because every wild horse attaches an extra multiplier to the credit win. The wild horse will gallop on slot reels one, two and three. Lastly, there is the grey bonus horse, and this steed needs to be spun at least three times in order for it to trigger the special bonus round.

Spin and Race Towards the Golden Finish Line

Horseraces are a great form of entertainment for gamblers and sports fans. However, this form of entertainment becomes even better when it can be enjoyed on every moment of the day. The more races, the more profits, and that is why slot builder Rival Gaming developed a perfect online racehorse slot spinning solution for those gamblers who just can't get enough of the thrills and profits that go along with this exciting race sport.

Those Slot game enthusiasts who want to give A Day at the Derby Slots a try, can find it at Rival Gaming powered casino operators like Slots.lv Casino and Bovada Casino. It is at such gambling spots that the thrilling races for big money prizes take place. These prizes will fall into the hands of those lucky participants who place their bets on the right slot reel symbols.

Additionally, there is also a free mode version of A Day at the Derby Slots for those players who do not want to make money bets but just come along to enjoy the spectacle. And what a spectacle it will be when they see those marvelous and lightning fast symbols gallop over the game screen in their race towards the golden finish line.