All Abroad

Have you always been crazy about trains and everything that surrounds them? Then you will love the Rival game All Abroad Slots. With this slot, you are not only able to surround yourself with trains and train related elements, but you will also be able to win money rewards at the same time. So what could be better than being able to enjoy your favorite hobby and getting paid for it as well?

On the reel tracks, you will encounter all kinds of (old fashioned) train related icons like the railroad crossing signal, carriages and the classic handcar. Furthermore, this game will also let your train and cash loving heart beat faster with special features like the Casey Jones free spins round, the expanding wild locomotive, the bonus round triggering bell and the jackpot rail spike.

With its 5 slot reels and 20 win-lines, you will have enough opportunities to spin these money winning symbols on the reels. And with bet values that can range from $0.01 to $50.00, there are enough possibilities to bet according to your own playstyle needs, no matter if these are budget or high rolling needs.

Spot and Catch That Slot Game Train Ride

This is a game for train and slot game lovers who not only enjoy the thrill of the ride but also the beauty of it. Some of the game's beauty lays in its colorful display and its atmospheric themed sounds, while another part charms you with classic train related items that will transport you back to the time of famous train engineer Casey Jones. So all in all, it certainly pays to spot this slot game train and catch a ride on it.

A Train Ride Full of Pay Table Profit Making Opportunities

In order to win cash profits during this joyful slot game ride, you need to make combinations with a set of symbols that make any train fan happy. A minimum of three and a maximum of five similar symbols need to form a combination in order to trigger payouts. The pay table prize parade starts with a railroad crossing signal that triggers the excitement because a train is approaching. Besides that, it is also able to trigger a top prize of 60 credits. Once that train is in sight, you will get even more excited because it might blow its fantastic whistle, and with that sound of the whistle comes a prize of 4 to 80 credits.

Maybe it is already dark when the train approaches, and then you will be lucky enough to see its lights as well. The lantern will light up a top prize of 120 coins. On its way to the jackpot prize, the train will also pass a water tower, and from this water tower pours a top prize of 160 credits. While the train follows its path further along the track it has to be careful not to hit any handcars that are also on the rails. However, you on the other hand, need to make sure that you hit those handcars on the reels if you want to win cash rewards. 5 handcar slot reel hits are good for a lucrative top reward of 240 credits.

Besides humans, this slot game pay table train also transports an animal. This animal passenger is the horse in the train's cattle car. You want to connect several horse filled cattle cars to each other on the reels, because then you will receive fine rewards. The longest cattle car connection comes with a top prize of 320 credits. Furthermore, there is of course also a caboose, and you win 360 credits if you extend the train with 5 yellow cabooses. And then there is the conductor of the train. He will come to collect tickets, but he hands out prizes as well. And these prizes are not small amounts, because he can make them as high as 480 credits. Then finally, there is the rail spike, which is able to spike your profits as well with its jackpot reward of no less than 1600 credits.

The symbol payout train is long and profitable, but it starts to become even more profitable when the special features are also connected to it. Luckily, these special features are available in the form of a steam locomotive expending wild, the Casey Jones free spins/multiplier icon, and the bonus bell. The wild will expand itself over the entire slot reel, and wins are multiplied two times when they are formed with it. The steam locomotive will only show up on slot reels one and two.

The Casey Jones symbol will also show up, and when it does so three times, then it will reward a total of 10 free spins together with a 2 times multiplier. 4 Casey Jones icons reward 20 spins and a 3 times multiplier, while 5 of them reward the biggest prize of 40 spins and a 4 times multiplier. Lastly, there is the bonus bell, which needs to be spun three, four or five times if you want to launch the bonus feature.

Don't Miss This Train of Money Winning Opportunities in All Aboard Slots

The signal sounds as a train full of money winning opportunities is approaching. Prepare yourself because you are going to want to catch this All Aboard Slots train. It will lead you to a lot of entertaining slot reel moments and money winning opportunities, and you might be a very rich gamer if it reaches its end destination.

But the perks will already flow in your direction even before that end destination is in sight. You definitely want to be onboard to benefit from the distribution of excellent pay table prizes, bonus rounds, winds and free spins. So don't wait any longer and catch this ride so that you can blow that famous choo choo whistle and let the cash register go cha-ching when the profit engine starts to move.