Coins Of Olympus

Do you like to find out what the Ancient Greek gods of the Olympus have in store for you in the future? Coins of Olympus Slots could have the answers that you've been waiting for, and those answers might tell a story that is very much in favor of you and your bankroll. All your favorite immortal heroes from the mountaintop come to the slot reels of this Rival Gaming title to give you a good time and a lot of profits. That is, if you manage to win their favor. Spin the reels and find out if Dionysus, Hermes, Aphrodite, Athena, Ares and Zeus are on your side. Keep in mind that their affection for you can result in really big cash wins that only the mighty gods can bestow upon slot players.

And in order for you to win these mighty good cash profits, the ancient titans have come up with a couple of exclusive casino entertainment features that help you to become a wealthy demi-god of the slot machine reels. These special features are free spins, the expanding wild, titan spins and a bonus round. Play your part in these features, and you will soon see the golden coins falling down from the mountain in the sky. And don't forget to raise your head upwards to thank the gods for their generosity, because you certainly want to see to it that these coin showers become a reoccurring event.

Expanding Wilds Will Take Over the Reels

Wilds have the power to expand in this game when new wins can be formed. And when expand, they will spread themselves over the full slot reel. Keep in mind that this feature does not work with scatter wins. You recognize the wild icon as silver coin with a bird printed on it.

Take Claim of Free Spins and Titan Spins

The golden coin with a head printed on it will do its work as the free spins triggering icon of the game. It needs to be spun three, four or five times in order for it to become powerful enough to launch a free spins session. Expanding wilds also come into play during such a session. If they occur while free spins are active, then their value will be increased by a two times multiplier. This multiplier can become even higher when the titan spins mode is also active. If you manage to land another set of three to five free spins attributes on the game screen while you're already playing with complimentary spins, then the titan spins element comes into play and it brings along a three times multiplier for expanding wilds.

The Mighty Zeus Himself Will Trigger Your Bonus Round

The fourth and last special feature is the bonus round, which is ignited by the mighty Zeus himself. He is the powerful bonus attribute, and you need to spin him at least three times if you want to claim a ticket to the bonus round. Also, keep in mind that you need to spin these bonus icons during an active titan spins feature in order to become eligible for the bonus game.

Will the Gods Favor You in Coins of Olympus Slots

Only time will tell if the gods are going to favor you in Coins of Olympus Slots. But one thing is certain, the immortal titans from high in the sky will watch at you during every spin and win that you make. Prove to them that you are a worthy slot reel hero and you might receive their fortunate blessings.

In order to win the titanic cash prizes that suit a demi-god, you have to play daring games with high wagers. But if such wagers are not your thing, then no god will stop you when you show some modesty with budget wagers. And if playing for money is really not your thing, then you can also have plenty of fun with the free version of this game. The gods won't mind if you choose that option, but when they feel the time is right for you to step up your game, then they might come down from their mountain, disguised as a common person, to whisper in your ear that luck is on your side and that it is the right moment to play with a real coin wager.