Atomic Age

Do you wish to be able to travel back in time so that you can experience the much talked about 1960's and 50's? Then it might be your lucky day if you are driven by feelings of nostalgia but also if you feel the desire to win a lot of cash prizes. You will now be able to satisfy both your nostalgic desires and your money making wishes when you play Atomic Age Slots from online slot machine developer Rival Gaming.

This back to the past slot machine game will show you all the popular classics from bygone times. On its reels, you can spin familiar looking items like the ice cream sundae, the record player, the black and white television, and there is also an UFO. While spinning the reels of this game, you will also come across special features like the UFO wild icon, the drive in bonus and the cash register bonus. All of these features and their accompanying rewards are within spinning reach for both high rolling and budget players thanks to the low and high wager abilities.

Watch How the Slot Machine Reels Spin

Go back in time with rocket speed because you don't want to miss this exciting and cash evoking trip down memory lane. It is a trip that will take you to a period in time when people used to have black and white televisions. These television where very big and they often had a wooden frame. Such a frame surrounds the five available slot reels in this game as well. However, you will see that the portrayed reel attributes are displayed in color. In fact, the slot is actually very colorful so you get to enjoy a game that manages to combine classic and modern elements in its design.

Cash Prizes Never Age

A lot of the displayed game symbols are of course no longer present in our modern day society, but the universal desire to win big cash prizes will never disappear. And the methods to obtain those rewards are as classic as the symbols that need to be combined to trigger them. Coins will fill up your bankroll when three to five similar icons land on the slot machine reels.

The nostalgic prize parade starts with the ice cream sundae and jelly pudding logos. Both of these icons are worth a top prize of 65 credits. Nothing beats a tasty beverage to combine with these desserts, so the next item on the pay table is a soda bottle with a top reward of 80 credits. Some old-school electronics are the next tray on the payout ladder. Both the classic television and the record player are good for a maximum reward of 200 credits. Those are all nice non-feature rewards, but you really want to spot the UFO on the reels, because this unidentified flying object brings along an otherworldly prize of 250 credits.

Go Special With Your Symbol Combinations

Besides the regular UFO, there is also special wild UFO, and this symbol has two functions. Its first task is to replace other reel attributes in a combination so that winning ones can be formed. Besides this convenient and lucrative function, the wild can also reward big prizes. Spin it 5 times on the reels and you will win the jackpot prize of no less than 7500 credits.

The UFO wild is not the only special icon that can land on the slot reels. You also have a chance to land not one but two scatter icons on the screen. These icons are the classic car and the old-school cash register. The car will trigger the drive in bonus and the cash register will launch the cash register bonus. In both of these bonus rounds you can multiply your total wager by 50.

Win Big With Only Pennies

Life was cheap during the atomic age. Some things used to cost only pennies, and therefore it is good to stay in the spirit of those times when it comes to placing wagers. If you're on a budget, then you can start to place bets with the lowest value of $0.01. If you have a bit more to spend, then you can go for the other available coin values of $0.05, $0,10, $0.25, $0.50 and $1.00.

Besides the value of the coins, it is also important to decide on the number of active win-lines before you start to play. You can activate between 1 and 15 lines. Lastly, you have to decide on the number of coins that you want to wager. You can wager between one and five coins during a spinning session. If you put all of these game adjustment buttons on maximum then you will wager with a maximum amount of $75.00 per spin.

The 'spin' button will put your bets into action, while the 'auto' and the 'bet max' buttons make your life on the reels more convenient. Click on 'auto' if you want to automate the spinning process, and click on 'bet max' if you just want to place the biggest bet. Additionally, you can also click on 'view paytable' if you want to learn more about the payout structure from this game.

Have a Blast With Atomic Age Slots

The atomic bomb was a big issue during the atomic age. However, there is nothing to be afraid of when you play Atomic Age Slots. It will not be the mighty bomb but you who will have a blast while playing this game, and great bonus features plus big payouts will be the fuses that are going to ignite such a blast. This game is available on online casino platforms that work together with Rival Gaming to satisfy the gambling and gaming needs of players. It is available as a free to play version but of course also as a game version in which you can place wagers with real coins in order to win the biggest cash profits.