Best Of Luck

You have been given access to an attic that is stuffed with all kinds of lucky charms, and now it is up to you to go and take a peek. You can find this attic in the online slot machine title Best of Luck Slots from developer Rival Gaming. Such a trip to the attic can turn out to be very lucrative and beneficial.

Besides being able to collect lucky charms in there, you will also be able to claim cash prizes. Furthermore, you get to benefit from special bonus features like the free spins triggering bags of gems and the lucky charm wild symbol. All of these slot game pleasures can be accessed by players with various needs and budgets. Low as well as high wagers can both be played, and you can even enjoy the game for free.

Climb the Lucky Ladder to Collect Powerful Charms

In order to get to an attic, you have to climb a ladder. And in this case, it will be a very lucky ladder, because it will take you to a room that is stuffed with many powerful charms. In the attic of Best of Luck Slots, you will find familiar fortune enhancing items like the horseshoe, the lucky coin, the rabbit's feet and the four-leaf clover. Additionally, you will also get to collect a few lesser known charms that can provide just as much luck as the more famous ones.

Take the Best of Two Worlds

There are people who say that it will take them less time to get lucky than to get rich. However, when you play Best of Luck Slots, you get to enjoy both of these joyful blessings. Lucky and profitable moments start to occur when you spin at least three similar slot icons on the reels, and the best prizes are won when you are lucky enough to make combinations with five similar icons.

On the game's pay table overview, you can see the combinations that can be made and also their payouts. You will find the acorn at the bottom of this table and it has a top prize of 25 credits. This might be a small reward, but impressive things can grow out of an acorn. Thus, you will find yourself collecting bigger prizes soon enough. For example, a slightly bigger prize can be won with the wishbone as this lucky item is attached to a 40 coin top reward. And what to think of the famous four-leaf clover with its high prize of 65 credits.

Furthermore, you can of course also try to land five lucky rabbit's feet on the reels in order to collect the accompanying 100 coins rewards. Even more coins can be won with three to five lucky coins. 5 of these special coins put 175 normal ones in your pockets. There is also a set of keys that unlocks a maximum prize of 275 coins. The horseshoe can of course also not be left out of this lucky charm filled pay table. This item rewards you a top prize of 450 coins.

It also pays to spin the ladybird five times on the reels, because you will then be blessed with 700 coins. Make sure to spin the jade elephant as well since it gives no less than 2500 coins. And an even bigger prize can be won with the snake-eyes necklace, which gives away a great reward of 7500 coins.

Spin Yourself Extra Lucky With Special Symbols

In this game, you can spin yourself extra lucky when you land special symbols on the slot reels. One of those special symbols is the lucky cat charm. This lucrative item can be a real blessing, because it hands out the big jackpot prize of 10.000 coins for a 5 times hit on the screen. You can also spin the bags of gems icon on the reels, and this symbol is able to launch a free spins round.

The number of awarded free spins depends on the number of bags of gems symbols on the screen. Three of these symbols reward four extra games, four of them are good for five complimentary spins and five of them hand out the top prize of six free spins. To make things extra exciting, these spins are also connected to special bonus rounds. Three more complimentary spins are rewarded if you become the winner three times during a bonus round.

Place Your Lucky Bet

It does not cost much to place your lucky bet in this game. With just a $0.01 bet, you can spin yourself towards great cash prizes. The other available coin values are $0,05, $0,10 and $0,25. These are values that do not break the bank, so they are ideal starting points for if you are a budget player. And as a high roller, you can increase your bets with the help of other game adjustment buttons. For example, you can activate all the available win-lines to boost winnings. Between 1 and 20 lines can be activated.

Additionally, you can also wager more than one coin during a spin. The maximum number of coins that can be spun is five. If all the settings are placed on maximum, you will spin the reels with a wager of $50 coins. Lastly, extra game adjustment convenience is offered by the 'bet max' button and the 'auto' button. 'Bet max' lets you spin with the highest wager, and 'auto' switches on the automated spin feature.

An Attic Full of Lucky Profits Awaits You

A forgotten attic full of lucky profits awaits you when you play Rival Gamin's Best of Luck Slots on online casino platforms. There is no shortage of luck and wealth enhancing items on this attic, so you better get up there to find the best ones that pay the biggest profits. And if you're not so much into making profits, then you can play this entertaining game completely for free as well.