Candy Cottage

The gingerbread house is teasing you to take a bite in Candy Cottage Slots from Rival Gaming. This bite will not only be sweet but also profitable as there is a lot more than sugar that will prickle your senses when you play this game. And what can be better than a combination of sweets and coins.

Well, perhaps the presence of attractive slot game bonus features such as an expanding wild icon, a free spins gift and a bonus round. All in all, there are enough pleasures on the screen of this game that are finger-licking good. But remember, you can lick your fingers later, because first you have to use them to click on the spin button so that all those delicious symbol treats will start to roll onto the five available slot reels.

A Delicious Game

The gingerbread house in this game will fulfill all your sweetest desires because it looks truly delicious. It is decorated with all kinds of colorful and tasty ingredients such as candies and frosting. But the icing on the cake is the tasty Oreo cookie that functions as the game's spin button. Those design elements are certainly worth the looks and the taste, and then we haven't even talked about all the delicious treats that can be found on the actual slot reel slots. These colorful and tasty objects Candy Cottage Slots an even better casino snack.

Tasty and Valuable Slot Symbol Candies

Prizes can be won when you spin tasty candies and other items on the reels. Start your sugar rush with the lollipop symbol and make sure that you consume it in quantities of five, because you will then get a top prize of 100 coins. Continue your candy party with the dew drops. These sugar-coated delights are worth a maximum prize of 125 credits. After those candy delights it is time for chocolates. Spin 5 chocolate chunks on the reels and collect 150 credits for yourself. Complete your sugar rush with some tasty pieces of liquorice. With this highest paying candy on the pay table, you can earn yourself a top reward of 200 credits. Make sure that there is also some room left in your tummy and in your bankroll for the bread in the basket. This item rewards you with a top prize of 250 credits.

The remaining symbols on the reels are references to the famous story of Hansel and Gretel. This is of course no surprise when you have a slot with a candy cottage theme. And thus, you will be able to spin a duck and Hansel and Gretel themselves. The duck rewards a top prize of 400 credits while Gretel and hands are good for a maximum reward of 750 credits.

Additionally, there are also some special icons that you can spin to win rewards. The witch is the expanding wild symbol in this game, and she also gives away the slot's jackpot prize of 2500 credits in exchange for 5 spins on the reels. The gingerbread house triggers free spins. You need at least 3 gingerbread houses in order to get 10 free spins. There is also a 3 times multiplier reward attached to this perk. Lastly, there is the bonus round, which is triggered by a minimum of three cages on the reels.

Satisfy Your Lust for Sugars and Money

If you have a sweet tooth and a taste for money, then Candy Cottage Slots is the game you need to play. This Hansel and Gretel themed slot game will seduce you with its tasty looking screen and symbols, but also with its alluring cash rewards and bonus perks. There is nothing holding you back from taking a bite out of this tasteful slot game, so follow the breadcrumbs to a Rival Gaming powered casino and start to nibble away those cash prizes until your bank account is well fat and ready for a hot payout. Additionally, you can also choose to play the free version of this game in order to practice your spinning and winning skills.