Cleopatra's Coins

Do you like to find out how the mighty Egyptian queen Cleopatra used to spend her days? Then you bettergive Cleopatra's Coins Slots a try. This Rival Gaming slot title provides a peak into the life of the legendary ancient queen. Furthermore, on the reels of the game, you will also encounter other historic figures. These figures used to be the lovers of Cleopatra, and they are of course Mark Anthony and Julius Caesar. Other than that, it will also be a great experience to marvel at the Sphinx and the Pyramids. Seeing all these extraordinary historic people and structures is of course nice, but being able to win big prizes with them is even better.

Luckily, that is exactly what you're going to do when you spin the reels of this game. And it are not only regular cash prizes that you will be able to lay your hands on. Special bonus icons, like the free spins rewarding asp, the bonus round coin and the scarab beetle wild, will also provide great benefits. Add to that a flexible set of betting options, which are suitable for both low and high budgets, and you have a game that will easily charm you in to playing it. And with the majestic pyramids and a beautiful queen like Cleopatra present on the reels, it is of course already easy to fall in love and get seduced.

It is all up to you to decide where to pay attention to while playing this slot game, whether it is the ancient, pyramid building civilization or its beautiful and mysterious leader. But you can of course also marvel at the small design details of the game such as Egyptian hieroglyph decorations and the colored scarab beetle line-numbers.

Mighty Ancient Egyptian Symbols on the Pay Table

Pay table rewards are granted to you instantly when three to five similar attributes land on the slot reels. The game's lowest cash rewards are being given away by artistic looking hieroglyph icons. These icons pay prizes that range from 3 to 150 credits. However, even better cash rewards can be won with the main characters.

Julius Caesar is at the bottom of the main character payout list, and he is able to reward you a maximum reward of 300 credits. Mark Anthony is one step ahead of him as he can grant you a top reward of 350 coins. But the undisputed queen of the non-feature symbols is of course Cleopatra. If she favors you, then she might grant you a top prize of 400 coins. However, as mighty and powerful as the queen might be, she will not be able to top the most famous symbols of the ancient Egyptian civilization. These are of course the sphinx and the pyramids, and they are placed together in one powerful symbol that grants a top win of 500 in return for 5 reel hits.

Available Bonus Symbols That Provide a Nice Set of Extra Perks

There are three bonus icons that you can spin on the reels of this game. These symbols are the golden coin, the scarab beetle wild attribute and the asp scatter icon. You can benefit twice from the wild logo. Firstly, it will take over the place of other symbols in a combination so that you're able to lay claim to a win. A scatter icon is the only symbol that cannot be replaced by the scarab beetle. Secondly, the wild is also the symbol that you need to spin in order to win the jackpot. This jackpot consists of no less than 5000 coins, and you receive it when 5 wild logos form a combination on the reels.

The second bonus icon is the asp. This animal might look vicious and dangerous, but you want to see it appear on the reels at least three times, because then it will reward you with 10 free spins. 5 asp hits on the reels give the best result though, because you will receive an amazing 100 free spins reward when they land. Also, your payouts will be tripled when free spins are active. Lastly, there is the golden coin icon, which will lead you to a fun bonus round.

Ancient Egypt Opens up on Your Game Screen

If you have always marveled at the beauty of Cleopatra, at the mysterious presence of the pyramids, at the displays of those wondrous hieroglyphs, or at the lifestyles of ancient Egyptians and their many amazing treasures, then it is high time that you head over to Rival powered casinos. It is on these online gaming platforms that ancient Egypt opens up its doors as you will have a unique chance to play the marvelous and very popular Cleopatra's Coins Slots title.

There are two versions of this game available at online casinos around the web. The first version lets you play for free. No coin wagers are required as you receive free casino credits. With these credits, you can start spinning right away. This is a good option for if you want to practice with the game before you start to play with real coins. It is of course also a good option for if you just like to spin without feeling the need to earn cash prizes. However, if you're someone who feels the need to win great cash rewards, then you can also opt to play the real cash version of this historically themed game.